Hurricane Florence Disaster Relief

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During Hurricane Harvey, we collected and saved donations of materials, tools and equipment. Knowing the gifts of equipment and materials should be gifts that keeps on giving, we’ve stockpiled some of the most critical items most needed after a massive flood event. From tools to remove damaged and molding drywall and flooring, to mold remediation chemicals and bleach, mucking shovels, wheelbarrows, and cleaning supplies, we’ve prepared to mobilize and pass on the generosity we’ve received.

Prior to Hurricane Harvey, we’ve had a team that has been doing disaster relief as a ministry since before Hurricane Katrina. We are experienced in flood disaster relief and have a systematic approach to organizing relief efforts and volunteers. In short, we believe our experience and ready supplies can make a difference in North Carolina.

As of today, parts of North Carolina are beginning to see the flooding subside, while other areas are continuing to rise with rivers coming out of their banks. We know first hand in Texas how the water draining from higher areas are sending that water to lower areas. As we’ve learned from years of disaster relief, we are working against the clock. Mold is the enemy and getting in homes within hours after they are empty of flood waters can be the difference between a foot of damaged drywall or 6 feet of damaged drywall, as the mold starts spreading. Rapid response is critical.

We are mobilizing for a Sunday afternoon departure pulling a large trailer full of equipment and supplies. We are convinced God has instructed us and will provide for us. Our team is comprised completely of volunteers, but we are in need of support for fuel, food, etc. Please pray about supporting us on this mission trip. Together we can make a difference!

Your tax-deductible donation can help fund this effort. Our efforts are being organized through Chocolate Bayou Worship Center, but there will be a section for you to designate your donation for Hurricane Florence Disaster relief, where 100% of your gift will go to help our neighbors in North Carolina.


God Bless,

Steve Vaughn